These are the stories of Abby Robinson, a 9 year old girl, and her talking pet pig, Chopps. Together they solve the mysteries of school, family and life.

Dieter Von Chopin (Chopps) is suave, cultured, a genius. You can find him at the opera or indulging in chocolate truffles that he dips himself. Oh did I mention that Chopin is a pig? Yes, he’s a proud Spurwildshcwein or tracker pig, a wild boar trained as a detective by the super secret Meerschweinchen Spy Agency. (MSA is located in an old monastery hidden high in the Alps on the right just past the gas station). Chopps retires to The Experimental Farm which is attached to Abby’s school.

But Chopps still yearns to solve more mysteries so he teams up with the fab and funky Abby. Only Abby knows that Chopps can talk (former super spy detectives keep a low profile). And Chopps has to adjust to life in a suburban school. For you see…Chopps is the classic pig out of water and Abby can’t help but dive deep into their super fun adventures.